Temora West Public School

Strive and Succeed

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About our school

Our motto, ‘Strive and Succeed’ continues to capture the atmosphere of our school.

Temora West Public School is a learning community where students are encouraged to explore ideas, expand their minds and learn new ways to express themselves in a safe and happy environment. Developing a love of lifelong learning are goals we strive to achieve for all our students.

Temora West is a P1 school with an average of 144 students in seven classes and a multi-categorical class. We are an inclusive school dedicated to providing opportunities for all students. There is a very strong focus on literacy and numeracy and both staff and parents have high expectations of student achievement.

We are focused on providing consistent, high quality teaching and learning in the arts and relevant personal development programs which nurture resilience, creativity and innovative thinking in our students. We aim to inspire and motivate our students and develop confidence in their own abilities. 

For more information, download the Temora West Public School information booklet 2022 (PDF 2.4MB).

School environment

One of the most attractive features of our school is the wide variety of Australian native trees and shrubs growing in and around the school, which also serve to attract a variety of native birds, animals and insects. The grounds provide students with a clean, relaxing environment in which to conduct their daily routine.

Outdoor classrooms and the fresh, innovative approaches of our staff ensure that students can be presented with a broad range of learning environments. Wide open spaces allow students to play in safe and secure surroundings. 

Our school floral emblem is the Hakea Laurina.

School history

Temora West has always been a school that takes pride in its determination and spirit. As early as 1924, through the 'New Town' Progress Association, representations were made to the then Minister for Education to have a new school established in our area. 

The school was officially opened on 25th September 1959 by the Governor of NSW, Sir Eric Woodward. It not only served the parents of the immediate area, but through zoning it drew on the area previously served by the schools at Bagdad, Betric, Dunwell, Mimosa, Pucawan, Yarrandale, Wilna and Rannock. Later part of the Dirnaseer area was included. 

The school was established on 3.7 hectares of sloping land, originally stony paddocks. The efforts of the different generations of parents, staff and students have helped change this into the superbly grassed and treed grounds of today. 

The addition of the Multicategorical Class has further enriched our school community. 

Shade shelters, playground equipment, a multi-purpose sport court and two permanent classrooms have helped develop the school into the perfect environment for educating the leaders of the future, our children. 

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