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Student representative council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) plays an extremely important role in helping to achieve the student welfare aims of our school.

Through participation in a democratically elected student body, all students have the opportunity to contribute to the life of the school. The Student Council is a means by which students can achieve a real sense of ownership and pride in their school. 

Each class from Kindergarten to Year 6, elects two councillors each semester to be SRC representatives. In addition, four students from Year 6, including two School Captains and Vice Captains, are elected at the end of the preceding year, by the student body, to be on the Council for the whole of the next school year. 

Student Council activities include;

  • Holding regular meetings to discuss ways of improving the school
  • Reporting to school assemblies
  • Meet, greet and thank visitors
  • Represent the school within the community
  • Organising student functions, including, fundraising events.

Sports House leaders

Each Year 2 senior students are elected as House Captains to lead each sports house. The sport houses are:

  • Emus
  • Wallabies
  • Possums
  • Kangaroos.

They are assisted by two elected Vice-Captains. They coordinate House activities at the annual Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals. They also assist with the running of the annual Premier's Sporting Challenge.